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So Long – Antikrish Music Archives

I had a couple of hours to kill tonight; so I decided to have a rummage through my old music archives in a bid to try and get a bit of inspiration for 2013 compositions.

I eventually stumbled upon a 15 year old mic test of an old song called ‘So Long’, this version is just an acoustic guitar and Alex’s vocal (2 out of 3 verses are present, without the bridge).

I still remember writing this song on my 20th birthday; Alex and I traded lines of lyric in quick succession and we put the chord structure together in about 30 minutes.

Hopefully my songwriting this year will be just as inspired.


Tears We Didn’t Cry


This is a track that has never really materialised in the way it deserves in that there were two versions done, one recorded the night before Alex left for India to try and wage a one man war against red tape, the other where I decided to put in an Aminor chord in the verse instead of Dminor which really fluffed up the key. That said, the bit I’ve sampled here is the intro right up until the verse, definately a flavour of things to come here. I always did dig the baseline.