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Early Stone Age Cave Drawings Found In Wallington Surrey

I’m decorating my Mum’s front room at the moment; having stripped away the old wallpaper, I came across some old scribblings on one of the walls that had been left by my grandfather.


Pop (aka Skinhead) was such a hilarious old bastard (I miss him greatly); he was an avid West Ham fan who took every opportunity to wind my Dad up for supporting Manchester United.


Hilarious!  Likening the greatest club team in the history of the game to feces!!

The drawings are close to 30 years old now; I find it amusing that they are something of a time capsule and will hopefully offend a nice middle class family when they buy and decorate my parents house in years to come.

Tears We Didn’t Cry


This is a track that has never really materialised in the way it deserves in that there were two versions done, one recorded the night before Alex left for India to try and wage a one man war against red tape, the other where I decided to put in an Aminor chord in the verse instead of Dminor which really fluffed up the key. That said, the bit I’ve sampled here is the intro right up until the verse, definately a flavour of things to come here. I always did dig the baseline.