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Brooklyn Bowling London O2

Brooklyn bowl is a fantastic place to spend a Friday night; located inside the Greenwich O2 (Millenium Dome innit) it has a great restaurant, a couple of seriously stacked bars (cheap prices for central London!) and a stage for love gigs.  Oh, and a bowling alley!

It’s very authentic American redneck theme and friendly atmosphere absolutely warmed me right down to my cockles. 

The chicken wire ‘walls’ add a certain ‘Blues Brothers’ flavour to the restaurant;  whilst enjoying my meal, I could easily hear the dulcet tones of Tom Copson, support act for Hayseed Dixie (more of that later). 

I really liked how you could hear the performance due to the open-plan structure to the venue.  Rawhide!

As for the food, wow!  What a menu!  I heartily recommend the half rack of ribs; certainly the best that I’ve had outside the States!!!  Watching the plates come out for other people was torture, everything looked fucking great.

The bowling is £14.95 for half an hour, maximum of 8 people on a lane.  So it’d be dirt cheap if you split a nights bowling with a decent group of folks. 

The lanes are stuffed with very comfy leather armchairs and sit right next to the live stage, so you could avoid paying for a gig ticket and just bowl whilst listening to a band knock out their tuned. 

I was impressed by the bar products, American beers like Samuel Adams, a Brooklyn Lager and the largest collection of bourbon I’ve seen since I visited a Mormon Elders house in Utah.

So folks, y’all have a good time now!  Y’hear!




Badolina revisited


So impressed with my food yesterday; I returned today for a second helping!!!

Today I opted for the boneless middle eastern chicken thigh, served in a container without the pitta.  

The container is an extra quid compared to the pitta option; but You get more salad, humus and meat.  

Delicious, look at the chilli sauce!   Bring that shit on!

Badolina – Bishopsgate, London

BadolinaI’m on a course today up in town; just so happened to find ‘Badolina’ off of Bishopsgate (where it meets Middlesex Street) during my lunchbreak.

Badolina is a Middle Eastern take away shop; or, as they call them south of the River Thames, a fancy kebab shop.

That’s not to take anything away from Badolina; the good quality meat (minced lamb ‘patties’) was charcoal grilled to perfection and stuffed into a very large round pitta bread (white or brown available) with some really delicious salad.

£5.95 was a fair price too? Considering you need to get a mortgage up here just to buy a cup of coffee!

Chicken Gordon Blimey!

Here’s my idea of a low cost and tasty working lunch which can be sourced from all good High streets (even Croydon); perfect for when you can’t be arsed to cook in the evening!

4 spicy chicken wings from the rotisserie in Waitrose for £1.25.
A portion of McDonald’s fries 99p.
Reduced cheesy coleslaw from waitrose, £1.49.


In fact, the chicken is THAT good, I bought 8 wings instead of 4!  What??   I’m a growing lad!

All in all, less than a sandwich and a coffee from Pret-entious A Manger.


Is it just me, or does chicken become far more appealing aesthetically when grilled if you cut ‘gill’ style knife slits into it beforehand?