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On fire, Alexander Chernikov jumps 30 meters into snow from a building

Want to see a guy set himself on fire and jump 30 meters off of a resident building into snow?

Alexander Chernikov fire

Alexander Chernikov, founder of extreme sports movement DBA – ‘Dominance, fearlessness, Adrenaline) did just that this week in Novoaltaysk, Russia.

He popped on an extra layer of trousers, doused himself in petrol, lit himself with a flaming torch and jumped off a building.

Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s genuinely quite funny seeing his head sticking out of the snow after his landing, before being hauled out by friends and then taken into custody by local police (who you’ll notice, don’t call him an ambulance!).

Gotta love crazy Russian videos???



Hooray! Finally, a change in season!!!! I love seasonal weather innit?

I mean, who wants the weather to be the same week in week out?!? Spanish people and loons, that’s what I say!

They don’t like it up ’em!!!



I heard they had predicted snow on the news this morning but didn’t really expect it to hit with the degree that it has; if you imagine a 6 mile radius around where I live, everywhere outside that boundary normally gets snow but we never do! It’s bizarre!?!?

It was genuinely uncanny that I got back from the office and all of a sudden it just started coming down and hasn’t stopped since (buses have stopped and cars are being abandoned). I couldn’t help myself and had to leave the first prints outside my house! I REALLY wish I had a pair of diving flippers so I could leave obscure footprints in the snow.

Yes I know I’m a big kid…….see, Indians do like the cold!