Afterburner Climax – Xbox 360

OK, so I sniggered profusely at the ‘Climax’ bit; didn’t everyone outside of Japan?

You’d think the silly fuckers would employ better translators and consultants by now?!?

Afterburner Climax is worth every single one of the 800 points required to purchase it off of Xbox lives marketplace; what a blast from the past (snigger).

I fondly remember when I first played the Afterburner II coin-op as a kid; it would still commandeer my coins even now in the presence of all the new games out there; the Climax game is a fantastic evolution of the original and a good game in it’s own right.

Visually the game is stunning, bright, fast and fluid; you can opt for the new soundtrack or the classic original too. I really like how the Climax weapon and combo setup work. Excellent!!!

There’s a wealth of options which will no doubt keep me very busy trying to get the perfect round.

Buy it!!!!