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Afterburner Climax – Xbox 360

OK, so I sniggered profusely at the ‘Climax’ bit; didn’t everyone outside of Japan?

You’d think the silly fuckers would employ better translators and consultants by now?!?

Afterburner Climax is worth every single one of the 800 points required to purchase it off of Xbox lives marketplace; what a blast from the past (snigger).

I fondly remember when I first played the Afterburner II coin-op as a kid; it would still commandeer my coins even now in the presence of all the new games out there; the Climax game is a fantastic evolution of the original and a good game in it’s own right.

Visually the game is stunning, bright, fast and fluid; you can opt for the new soundtrack or the classic original too. I really like how the Climax weapon and combo setup work. Excellent!!!

There’s a wealth of options which will no doubt keep me very busy trying to get the perfect round.

Buy it!!!!

Alpha Protocol – Xbox 360

Gamespot gave ‘Alpha Protocol’ 6 out of 10; personally I can’t agree with that at all, I’d even go as far as giving it 8.5 out of 10.

SEGA has published a really intuitive game, its like an RPG but with some stealthy action thrown in to the mix; the presentation immediately struck a chord with me and I enjoyed the international spy story which your character is involved in.

You can customise your character from the beginning, skill profiles and upgradable attributes are a really nice touch and make for a more arcade feel.

The rpg element allows you to manipulate and infiltrate situations through dialogue choices; kinda reminded me of the ‘Lone Wolf’ adventre books I had as a kid. “Turn page 20 if you want to stab someone in the face!!!!”.

The levels are designed well; and the afore mentioned skill attribute system really changes the dynamic of how you complete a mission depending on what your chap can do.

I’d heartily recommend this game; it was a good distraction on a dreary Bank Holiday Monday and I will keep playing it!

Aren’t Gamespot reviews shite?