Alpha Protocol – Xbox 360

Gamespot gave ‘Alpha Protocol’ 6 out of 10; personally I can’t agree with that at all, I’d even go as far as giving it 8.5 out of 10.

SEGA has published a really intuitive game, its like an RPG but with some stealthy action thrown in to the mix; the presentation immediately struck a chord with me and I enjoyed the international spy story which your character is involved in.

You can customise your character from the beginning, skill profiles and upgradable attributes are a really nice touch and make for a more arcade feel.

The rpg element allows you to manipulate and infiltrate situations through dialogue choices; kinda reminded me of the ‘Lone Wolf’ adventre books I had as a kid. “Turn page 20 if you want to stab someone in the face!!!!”.

The levels are designed well; and the afore mentioned skill attribute system really changes the dynamic of how you complete a mission depending on what your chap can do.

I’d heartily recommend this game; it was a good distraction on a dreary Bank Holiday Monday and I will keep playing it!

Aren’t Gamespot reviews shite?