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Diablo 3 – Act III – Turning the tide

This game just gets better and better doesn’t it??

Act three was immense, I absolutely loved how you are under seige throughout this part of the story.  Having to light the beacons reminded me of ‘Return Of The King’.

Azmodan was even more difficult to best in combat than Belial, again, the boss fight totally blew me away in terms of the sheer scale of the foe and variety of attacks.  Spot on Blizzard.

Diablo 3 – Act II – The end of Belial!

Act 2 was fanatstic!

Blizzard have really hit met my expectations with the boss characters; Belial was an absolute beast.

The boss fights really remind me of how difficult it was to kill Diablo in the first game, and Lazarus.  Bastards both!

I died a couple of times attempting to cut Belials throat; in the end I triumphed!  Fucker!

Diablo 3 – Act II – A Royal Audience

Hooray!  Finished act 1.  Fantastic!

Absolutely loving the story so far, clearly drawing more upon ‘Paradise Lost’ for inspiration methinks?!

I’m now in Act II, just thought I’d be extremely geeky and post a screenshot of the log in page.  The background changes according to the act you’re in which I thought was a nice touch (Act 1 is very dark and gothic, Act 2 is bright and vibrant in contrast!).

Diablo 3 – Leoric The Skeleton King

Leoric, the Skeleton King is no more (again!).  I kicked his old boney arse and now he’s being gnawed on by rats.  Fool!

Absolutely loving the levelling system in Diablo 3, very simple and extremely customisable.  The emphasis is really on the story this time too which reminds me of Diablo 1 more than the 2nd game.

Got a few rare items already which is funky, I also like the way you can train the merchant artisan to enable you to craft items.

Check out my pimp Wizard hat!

Diablo 3 – First impressions since launch

I’ve just played my first hour of Diablo 3 and thought I’d jot down my first impressions!

I normally hate cinematics in a game, however, I REALLY enjoyed the animated introduction film.  Bloody fantastic! The artwork is really stylish and completely sets the scene.

I have acquired the full soundtrack and listened to a few tracks.  I briefly touched on this in my entry regarding the D3 beta, but the full soundtrack is immense.  Not only does it nicely capture the essence of Diablo 1 and 2, it also sounds like Jimmy Page dusted off his plectrum and got busy with the fizzy.  That is to say, it sounds like he played guitar.  I really hope they release a soundtrack CD seperately, it’s only available as part of the collectors edition and I can’t justify paying out that kind of money for a load of chintzy crap.

It was fun to see so many people running around the two in the game, firing off weapons and fnding their feet.  I could not wait to try the 1-9 numerical keys to see what my player would ‘say’ when pushed in sequence.  I think my favourite is 6, basically, you insulting someones mother, I think that’ll come in very handy!  Nice touch!

I created a Wizard (which seems to be the most popular class online) called….yes, you guessed it?


The screenshot below is taken just outside of Tristram, I really love the ‘hanging tree’ dungeon that you can click into and explore a sub-level on.  Really reminded me of Conan the Barbarian?

First impression.  Pukka!

Diablo 3 – Beta testing

With the Diablo 3 launch date (05th of May, 2012) rapidly approaching, I felt that it was prudent to double check the system requirements to see if my ageing PC was capable of running the game.

I can’t be having my ‘puter conk out, just as I’m about to cleave big D’s face off with a flamberge now can I?

Upon logging into Blizzards page Saturday night, I stumbled upon the announcement that there was an open beta test over that very weekend; what smegging good fortune?!?! I downloaded the beta client and sat patiently as I waited for the Diablo 3 game to update; it reminded me of when Blizzard released a patch for Diablo 2 and it took forever to download on a 56k modem???

I did not read the ‘3 stage’ readiness bar that indicates that the game is 1) downloading, 2) playable and 3) optimum.  I decided to try and play the Beta at ‘playable’ when the files were still downloading and my PC jumped around like a twat;  I had no idea that the game needed to download further for stability and real panic set in that my RAM was shagged or that I needed a new graphics card.

I then proceeded to overclock my PC in the BIOS, check the RAM for voltage and functionality problems along witht he defrag of both my hard drives.  Ran the game again…stut..t.sttt..stutter!!! ARRHGHGHG  Was I to be denied Diablo 3?  NO!

Once I logged back in, I realised my error and the game loaded fine. All that time wasted poncing about with the PC…….cunt.

Anyway, back to the review.  Wow.  What a game this is going to be.  It reminded me of a cross between the original Diablo (there seems much more emphasis on the story and questing than D2) and Baldurs Gate 2.  There is such a familiar tone to the game, anyone who has spent countless hours on either of the Diablo games or Baldurs Gate will hopefully know what I mean.

I played a few levels as a Wizard (you can choose male or female which is quite smart) and it was like popping on a pair of old slippers.  The GUI is very familiar, as are the navigation hot keys which are pretty much the same as they were in Diablo 2.

I shudder to think how much of my life was spent questing on behalf of Deckard Cain, speaking of which; it was absolutely fantastic to hear the same actor play Deckard Cain return.

“Stay a while and listen!” <——– Give me the Horadric Cube old man or you’re going to get it!

I am happy to confirm that my PC was able to play the game with the rendering and texture settings to maximum (My PC is overclocked to 2.7ghz at the moment with 4gb or RAM) and the use of lighting (particular for dazzling spell effects) is amazing; I absolutely loved walking back into ‘Old Tristram’, what a nostalgic feeling!

My final point of praise has to go to the people behind the game music, top notch chaps.  The dulcet tones of the original score have been fused with new compositions and I will definitely order the soundtrack at some point; I have spent most of today considering whether to cancel my pre-order and buy the ultimate edition!

Time to die, well, almost!

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Draw Something

‘Draw Something’ is a fun application that I occasionally play on my phone; the basic premise of the game is to draw something (no shit Sherlock) and let a friend try to guess what it is that you are drawing!   It reminds me of playing ‘Pictionary’ when I was a kid.

‘Draw Something’ is even more fun for me because I can’t draw for shit.  I can’t even draw a ‘Stick Man’ very well and the ability to draw a decent circle or oval also eludes me.

I can clone-brush tits onto a donkey or photoshop myself into a cornershop; but when it comes to free-hand drawing, forget about it (best New York mobster accent)!

I do wish that the people behind ‘Draw Something’ would introduce some slightly less-PC words?

Can you imagine the very funny, yet slightly awkward moment when you have to draw the word ‘Germany’ whilst playing with a random person on the application?


Toejam and Earl – Sega Megadrive

Toejam and Earl is an exceptional game on the Sega Megadrive and one that I played to death when I was 13 years old; my favourite thing about it was the game’s legendary soundtrack; Stone cold funk!  I still have my original game, and it’s in my top 10 games of all time.

The game is absolutely filled to the brim with wisecracks, one liners and slapstick comedy. If you’ve never played it, get down with the motherfucking shit!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Looking back now, I can see why I love slap funk bass and groove as much as I do!  The soundtrack skips and slaps as you go along helping Toejam and Earl (two aliens from the planet Funkotron) in their quest to find pieces of their spaceship because they crash landed on Earth.  A very crazy cartoony Earth full of weird nasties like man-eating post boxes and ghostly ice cream vans!

The other cool thing about this game was the random game setting which really shook things up because the generic coloured power up presents changed randomly each time you played.  The presents either provided you with an arsenal of gadgets and weapons, or killed you off with various hilarious booby prizes!

I’m still hopeful that this will come to Xbox Live so that I can have a game or two with some mates and relive the good old days; in the meantime I guess I’ll just have to remain a pointdexter!


Yet another reason why Call of Duty isn’t the puppies privates and never will be