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Pope on Twitter

I see the Pope is on Twitter; looks like it’s easier to brainwash people electronically these days rather than communicate using fancy pyrotechnics and create a talking burning bush like they did in the old days??

It is amusing though, fashionable atheism is spreading faster than the message of a former Nazi whom has apparently become gods representative in the Catholic Universe.

I have been trying to predict the year when ‘atheism’ becomes the dominant belief system on this planet…..2050???

Here’s my message to the Pontiff.


I know you are reading this fuckface!


The world gasped in shock today as Pope Dirk Benedict tried to snatch a small pink child whilst posing as an ice cream man.

Luckily some bald man in the crowd saw the evil intent in the old Nazi’s eyes and stopped him before the baby could be made into a 99.

Thwarted, The Pope, A.K.A. Mr Whippy, managed to flee the scene despite being surrounded by several thousand lunatics who believe in Jesus; yes, in this day and age!.

Scotland Yard have warned that he’s armed and dangerous and should not be approached or worshiped.