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Instrumental – 15th of August, 2009

Our day of music went rather well; my new Cort acoustic was put to good use and ideas for 3 or 4 good songs came out of a pretty relaxed and lazy session. Emphasis on the word lazy……but rather funky.

I do agree with Alex though, in that it’s so much simpler working with acoustic instruments. You can sit down in the kitchen and ‘twang’, pop to another room and ‘doo doo diddly doo’ and even sit in the bath with it if you want and ‘skee woop pingggggggg brrroooo ziiiiiing flying machine!’. And that’s pretty much what we did for most of the morning; without the bath bit obviously.

Alex showed off his rather snazzy rock/surf guitar effort which I now have to try and learn before we meet up again for our next recording session. It’s bloody good.

There was also a nice jazzy thing which we ended up digressing into during a quick jam. Great.

‘Jam-fest’ (fair trade jam, made without the exploitation of white farmers) eventually inspired a rather nice instrumental that I put onto the Tascam. I found 3 really simple chords to go with something Alex had found and put 3 overdub guitars on top of that with a bit of percussion; all the while Alex sleepily provided musical direction whilst slumped into a very comfy looking chair.


I stupidly left home without a microphone stand which lead is to improvise somewhat and come up with what is quite possibly the greatest studio innovation of all time; Alex Micman (picture below!).

Al literally sat holding the AKG microphone during the whole recording process which was rather funny from my point of view as he kept nodding off; at one point I realised the sound had gone a bit shite and Alex eventually realised he’d turned the mic around the wrong way. Saying that, how many song writers do you know are THAT good that they can record in their sleep eh?

Some footage below showing me playing the chords.

Parental Guidence – Use of the word ‘Bollocks’ is involved during the recording of this video.

Thank you.

Movin’ On – Full Version


The lyrics to ‘Movin’ On’ were written on a lunchbreak whilst I was working at Boots, I seem to recall Alex being on hols or something because he wasn’t in at the time. I remember rushing over to his after my shift had finished rather excited with what I’d written.

I’ve always loved the blues and it’s Delta origins, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Elmore James are huge influences of mine; and the daddy of them all would have to be Willie Dixon; the most prolific blues songwriter ever. Sorry, geeky hero worship moment over.

We recorded this in Alex’s front room, both of us on chairs with the AKG microphone on a stand. Alex clapped and sang, I played the simple blues bar chords on my very first acoustic guitar made by Encore (sold by Argos). I loved that guitar and carried it everywhere with me; which is probably why it warped. Halfway through the song you can begin to hear it go out of tune (around 2 minutes or so in).

That said, I love the tone of the guitar and how old it sounds. Alex’s vocals are nice and raw; both of us end up singing the gospel/humming type thing at the end which is pure gold.

Oh yes, and Alex’s guitar solo overdub rocks.

You Stink! – Full Version


This was another originally written by us (inspired because of our mutual appreciation of for Funk with a capital F) during a period where I’d literally just started playing guitar and had to make do providing crap backing vocals (1995 latest) and helping out with the recording etc because I wasn’t capable of playing such simple (but effective) riffs.

All that aside, I still think this is a bloody cool track and again pretty much embodies the sort of fun we’d have doing music back in the day. It’s also one of the few times I’ve lent my tone deaf vocals onto a song and been proud of it.

I have also included some of the studio chatter at the end which I thought was rather funny; Alex had the uncanny ability of getting a cold when he needed to pop a vocal on and I love the impatience in his voice when asking for a playback. Good times.

You’re white, you’re pink, and baby, you stink! GET DOWN!

Blood Red River – Full version


My first venture into playing slide guitar, I’d only been playing a few months and this track (Originally written and performed by the legendary Brownie McGhee) is in Cmajor. 

During the first few years we used to do music, most of it was written on Alex’s upright piano and I think this track sums that up for me perfectly; images of visiting Alex during a gorgeously warm summer and hearing the piano piece come together is still very fresh in my mind. Alex was taking piano lessons at the time and I remember him practicing this for weeks and always wondering how the bloody hell the bassline went as well?!?

I think this was the first time I’d really contributed a half decent guitar track to a song and remember the feeling of shakily getting through the whole thing. The slide guitar is in Cmajor tuning for anyone who gives a shit!

Overall, one of my favourite tracks. So here it is.

Cort ‘Earth Grand’ acoustic guitar

Alex and I had a funky doorstep chat outside his flat last Saturday, South London style.  It may or may not have gone something like this:

“‘ere!!! Do you ‘ear about old Missus Miggins and her prosthetic fanny?!?”
“Oooooooh, well I never?!?! Is it a nice one!??”
“Yer, she got it from Argos you know!!  Sounds like a bleedin’ fog horn it does when her clam coughs”.
“What a cunt…..”

After 20 minutes of the usual Krishnan/Ghandi banter it eventually came to light that El Baldie has some new ideas for music bits. Huzzah. Alex has recently sold his drum kit which means the days of live jams are gone, certainly for the forseable future anyway which is a bit of a shame because I felt we’d started churning out some decent ideas during the sporadic sessions including “Come On!” and old tracks like “Blick”.

Nevermind though, it’s just not practical with noise levels/storage and all that jazz.  It’s just not cricket! However, all is not lost it seems because we intend to start doing acoustic based stuff instead.  Double huzzah!!!

So, on Saturday, 15th of August I’ll be toodling over to Al’s with the Tascam to lay some new ideas down and possibly rethink some existing songs like the new latin version of Marvin/Carry on which we came up with in October.  I really like the new arrangement on that track.

I’ll also be taking my brand new Cort ‘Earth Grand’ acoustic guitar which I purchased today from Martin Phelps music shop in South Croydon for the tidy sum of £199.99.  Yes, just £199.99!  That’s more than reasonable for an acoustic I think?  I was going to get a Yamaha as they’re great guitars but was so taken with the Cort that I almost ran out the shop with it.  I bought my Danelectro from Martin Phelps, I also get my amps serviced there and would highly recommend as they are fantastic they are to deal with.

I’ve never heard of Cort guitars before if I’m really honest, but I was really taken with it because it pretty much looks like a lump of wood with strings on, no fancy varnish or scratch plate which I found unusual.

I’ve played it tonight for just over an hour and my first impressions are that it’s a solid build, no string buzz, good construction and it has a lovely clear tone which makes it perfect for chords and picking (precisely what I was looking for).  So I’m really looking forward to Saturday week when Alex and I meet up and see what’s what.

So until then, feast your eyes. Party on garth!

Our 1st Birthday

Today marks the 1st anniversary of our blog, I’d like to commemorate the occasion by popping up a thread to celebrate this most joyous of moments.

Playing music again and having the occasional jam during 2008 has been fantastic and something I truly missed in my old ‘life’. Such simple pleasures should never be taken for granted my friends.

In an effort to record more and step things up a level (to actually record a complete track would by my ultimate aim!) I have been reorganising my home setup and intend to spend more time at the mixing desk instead of the PC; work permitting obviously.

Cheers muchly to all you regular visitors to the site out there who lurk quietly in the background and nag me if I haven’t written anything lately.  I love you all darlings.

Lastly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Alex for updating and hosted the site until it was moved over to a hosted blog this month.  Respec’.

Happy birfinday.