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Byrnes Pie And Eel House Wallington

Why did I wait so long!?!  For 30 odd years I turned my nose up at offerings of Pie and Mash, freshly sourced from Tooting by Dad and more recently, Mum scuttling back with take away from Wallington.

I’ll be honest, the mere sight of pie and mash when I was a kid, made me gag.  But no more, I’m converted.

I decided to take Mum to Byrnes pie and eel house in wallington for her birthday.  Mick and his wife often drop some in when Mum’s not up to the walk and I could not be in any more awe at their respect for her than I am. 

Mick actually gave her meal for free because it’s her birthday today and I thought that was out of this World.

It’s fantastic seeing the positive impact they have made in a community that is otherwise drowning in Halal chicken shops.  Old school and traditional in every way.

The pies are fresh, deliciously tasty along with lovely mash and liquor.  Absolutely marvellous.

Don’t hesitate to try, you won’t regret it trust me!

My only regret was not leaving room for pudding.  But Il’l be back!  Oh yes!

Happy Birthday Mum.







Behtareen – Indian Street Food – East Croydon

Behtareen is a funky new Indian-style cafe in Dingwall Road which is just down from East Croydon train station.

Scottish referendum

At the risk of sounding Tolkienesque, you will find Behtareen next door to Zabardast!  The observant souls amongst you will probably notice that the cafe and Indian sandwich shop are both owned by the same people!

Simply put, there are times where I **NEED** curry and have become something of a regular to Zabardast since it opened in 2014 (fueling my Seekh kebab roll addiction on a Friday!).

Therefore, I was overjoyed when Bethareen sprang up because Croydon has been lacking a decent Indian cafe since ‘Spice Cafe’ left Surrey Street many moons ago.

Inside, the cafe’s decor is visibly very bright and clean with park/pub bench style tables; if you look around, you’ll also notice a load of Indian ‘stuff’ in frames up on the walls.




I’ve only used the very swift take-away option so far (they conveniently have a card machine for payment!), but I took the time to observe the friendly table service whilst I waited for my food and have vowed to sit in there in the near future.

So far, I’ve tried the lamb biriyani, tandoori paneer and paratha; all of which were very tasty and reasonably priced!!!


Anyway, give it a whirl sometime!   Antikrish recommends!

Here’s the menu! behtareen menu

Brooklyn Bowling London O2

Brooklyn bowl is a fantastic place to spend a Friday night; located inside the Greenwich O2 (Millenium Dome innit) it has a great restaurant, a couple of seriously stacked bars (cheap prices for central London!) and a stage for love gigs.  Oh, and a bowling alley!

It’s very authentic American redneck theme and friendly atmosphere absolutely warmed me right down to my cockles. 

The chicken wire ‘walls’ add a certain ‘Blues Brothers’ flavour to the restaurant;  whilst enjoying my meal, I could easily hear the dulcet tones of Tom Copson, support act for Hayseed Dixie (more of that later). 

I really liked how you could hear the performance due to the open-plan structure to the venue.  Rawhide!

As for the food, wow!  What a menu!  I heartily recommend the half rack of ribs; certainly the best that I’ve had outside the States!!!  Watching the plates come out for other people was torture, everything looked fucking great.

The bowling is £14.95 for half an hour, maximum of 8 people on a lane.  So it’d be dirt cheap if you split a nights bowling with a decent group of folks. 

The lanes are stuffed with very comfy leather armchairs and sit right next to the live stage, so you could avoid paying for a gig ticket and just bowl whilst listening to a band knock out their tuned. 

I was impressed by the bar products, American beers like Samuel Adams, a Brooklyn Lager and the largest collection of bourbon I’ve seen since I visited a Mormon Elders house in Utah.

So folks, y’all have a good time now!  Y’hear!




Bourbon Steak – Four Seasons Hotel – Washington D.C.

If you like good steak, you simply have to go to Bourbon Steak which is inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

At $59 just for the meat, the steak is hideously overpriced; but it’s so beautiful in the restaurant and the service staff make you feel like royalty.

They brought out some complimentary fries, all with different seasoning and dips; another complimentary dip included some hot rolls infused with truffle oil.  Utterly scrumptious.



With my steak, I had a double cooked potato (sounds worse than it was believe me!) and a potato and cheese gratin.


The steak was cooked to perfection, I could honestly have eaten it twice (it was a smaller steak that I got at Clydes!); washed down with a couple of glasses of Riesling ($11), a fantastic meal.  Yes, I know you should have red wine with steak, but that’s just me innit!

Burger Tap And Shake – Washington D.C.

Burger Tap and Shake makes a mean sandwich!

They served me up a juicy quarter pounder with blue cheese and mushrooms in a sauce.  It was utterly delicious; don’t think I’ve had a better burger in years!

20141214_164830 20141214_164837 20141214_165239

The restaurant can be found on 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20037; if you happen to be visiting D.C., I’d heartily recommend a visit!

Badolina revisited


So impressed with my food yesterday; I returned today for a second helping!!!

Today I opted for the boneless middle eastern chicken thigh, served in a container without the pitta.  

The container is an extra quid compared to the pitta option; but You get more salad, humus and meat.  

Delicious, look at the chilli sauce!   Bring that shit on!

Badolina – Bishopsgate, London

BadolinaI’m on a course today up in town; just so happened to find ‘Badolina’ off of Bishopsgate (where it meets Middlesex Street) during my lunchbreak.

Badolina is a Middle Eastern take away shop; or, as they call them south of the River Thames, a fancy kebab shop.

That’s not to take anything away from Badolina; the good quality meat (minced lamb ‘patties’) was charcoal grilled to perfection and stuffed into a very large round pitta bread (white or brown available) with some really delicious salad.

£5.95 was a fair price too? Considering you need to get a mortgage up here just to buy a cup of coffee!